Going Dairy Free? Shopping List PLUS DIY Oatmilk in 5 Min!

There are so many reasons people are going dairy free! Whatever your reason, there's good news! Tons of convenient products to choose from!

#1 Milk:

If you can't make your own, you won't have any trouble finding milk substitutes. Walmart, any neighborhood grocery store will carry almond milk, soymilk & coconut milk. Look in the dairy section and also look in one of the middle isles as they do have a large selection in tetrapaks that don't require refrigeration - just remember they do have preservatives! At the natural grocery stores like Sprouts & Wholefoods, don't be afraid to try some different options like hemp milk, cashew milk & oatmilk - you might just find one that you love!

#2: Half & Half (& Barista Style for Lattes)

Favorite: Pik Nic Unsweetened Vegan - can find at Sprouts & Fry's (Krogers) Some to consider: Silk Organic Almond/Coconut @ Sprouts & Malk (Oat & Almond) Creamer @ Wholefoods Barista Style options: Califia Oatmilk Barista Style: https://amzn.to/3hCNQsS Pacific Foods Barista Style Almond Milk: https://amzn.to/33yVrDH

#3: Butter

Favorite for cooking & Taste: Miyoko's (cashew) @ Sprouts, Fry's & Wholesfoods Also, very good & more widely available Earth Balance @ any grocery, even Walmart Runner-up Forager Butter Alternative (in tub) @ Sprouts & Wholefoods

#4: Cheese

Sliced Favorites: Follow your Heart (Gouda/Provolone - they almost taste the same), 365 @ Wholefoods & Chao @ Safeway is a good one too

Shredded Favorite: 365 Shredded Mozzarella @ Wholefoods. (Violife is decent but a $1 more than 365)

#5 Yogurt

Almost too many to name but my hands-down favorite is Cocoyo @ Sprouts & Wholefoods. Nancy's Oatmilk, Lava (pili nut) & Silk are also nice options @ Sprouts - Watch out for the Sugar content tho!

#6 Substitutes for Baking & Cooking:

I recommend always having canned coconut milk on hand - amazing in so many recipes. Find in the Asia section of any store - cheapest at Walmart, usually. Silk Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative is a wonderful product! Find at Sprouts for sure. Forager Sour Cream @ Sprouts & Wholefoods

#7 Ice Cream So Delicious Brand will be easily found at most grocery stores. Check out all kinds of different dairy free ice cream @ Sprouts, Wholefoods, etc.

See YouTube Video below the DIY Oatmilk in 5 min!


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